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The Wellness Connection, Member - American Holistic Health Association, provides all types of trainings/education/treatment, comprised of the most effective system of holistic health, stress reduction and personal success we have discovered in over 40 years of research, study and experience, for individuals, groups, healthcare professionals, businesses, etc. Included modalities are varieties of yoga, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, the Law of Attraction, energywork, nutrition, rebirthing other deep physical and emotional healing methods and other inspiring and powerful conscious living skills, providing corporate success/wellness, stress reduction, time management, motivation, productivity, weight loss, relaxation and balance, to create and maintain a healthy body and mind, emotions, relationships, finances, and home/work environments. This system's incredible effectiveness is caused by its ability to reach, nurture and develop, not only the body and mind, but also, the key- one's deeper energies and spirit.

Director Lyndy Stratbucker invites you to venture further and discover how to bring this profoundly powerful system into your life. We would enjoy sharing our experience with you, your family and your company.

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