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Client's Comments

(From various classes, workshops, privates sessions and corporate/healthcare/private group trainings. We chose to protect our client's privacy on Internet by using only first names, etc.)

"This training and the trainers are the best I've seen! They and it were fantastic!" Client comment from evaluation form.

"I cannot begin to tell you how much this training has changed my life for the better! It is priceless!" Judy M., insurance agent

"This is the most fabulous training I've ever taken. The trainers are awesome and so enthusiastic, not only about the subject but also about life. It has been a very positive and enlightening experience!" student from local college- off of evaluation form

"In the beginning, I questioned holistic health. After private sessions in Connected Breath/Wellness, I have experienced significant physical healing. I now do not need back surgery! I am now becoming professionally trained in this amazing system." S. Stewart- daycare operator

"I have healed some serious health issues (emotions, too!) at TWC. I am eternally grateful." B. Johnson, attorney

"My relationship with my spouse has improved significantly, after only one session with Lyndy. Now we talk, have fun and respect each other just like in the beginning of our marriage. The level of healing is a miracle!" Steve B.- businessman

"After seeing the results in my wife- she is more peaceful, accepting, opening up better communication than we have ever had before- I decided to do private sessions, too. I have developed a greater spirituality and have come to realize a deeper way to know myself. I have had some very profound experiences." Eldan A.- pharmacist

"I have been practicing yoga for 40 years and have taken classes all over the world. Hans' yoga training is the best I have ever been to. I am deeply impressed!" Bill H., designer

"I am no longer on hormone replacement and no longer need extensive tests. I have healed family relationships and now get respect. New money is coming in from places I never expected. I have been losing weight without a diet! All this after 6 sessions with Lyndy. I want to thank her so much." Kiyomi A.- artist

"What we liked about The Wellness Connection trainings is that they were very experiential and not just a lot of theory forced down your throat! Very enjoyable." Dr. Kay T.. MD & Janet D, radiology.

"The cancer in my body is successfully healing. I am so grateful to have found TWC!" Dr. Carol R., PhD.

"Hans gives the most complete and effective hatha yoga class I've ever taken. For those who want the best: this is it!" Kelly O., Capt., US Navy

"I highly respect the work of Hans. I warmly recommend him to everybody who wants to do a serious hatha yoga training." Mary L., marketing manager

"Awesome workshop! I learned so much more than I ever expected and was given the tools to create what I want in my life now. It was a lot of fun, too!" Jim W., real estate

"We all received so much more from this training than we had ever expected. The amount and quality of knowledge, experience and deeply effective methods and perspectives are uncomparable to those from any other training I have taken." Stacey B., accountant

"I love your sense of humor, Hans!" Mary Kay M., author, speaker

"The most amazing part of the retreat for me was the advanced Heartbreathing. After this exercise, everyone was changed.. I tapped into a deep well within me I never knew existed. This is how life is supposed to be!" Rich L., engineer

"The advanced Heartbreathing is incredible. Thank you, Lyndy! I cannot put into words how awesome a process it is. It feels like complete connection to the Divine." Cindy S., mother

"The Science of Breath workshop was an experience like no other, as it introduced me to the incredible power of the breath. The advanced breathwork is an amazing tool! I plan on continuing with training in the breathwork." Linda S., pathologist

"My long term bronchitis was totally gone immediately after one session of the advanced Heartbreathing. To me that is a miracle!" Ray T., retired contractor"

"The advanced breathwwork allowed me to tap into a different dimension of energy that helped me grow. If you're feeling stuck, I would recommend Lyndy's breathwork sessions or Connected Wellness workshops!" Dr. P. Evans, psychologist

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