The Wellness

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Contact Us or 402 551-0500. Our main center is conveniently located in the relaxing, inspiring and beautiful Heartland, in OMaha, NE, USA. See Photos!

The sacred energy of this area comes from its deep grounding in Native American wisdom and respect for all of nature. The Bluffs, Loess Hills and chi of the Missouri River, along with the presence of this sacred Native influence make Omaha a powerful center for healing and wellness.

The Wellness Connection Admin.
Offices- Dundee area- Omaha, NE.

Healing Arts and Life Coaching Center -
Benson area- Omaha, NE.

Retreat Centers-
Mountview and Ponca Hills areas- Omaha, NE.

Call 402 551-0500, for details, support, questions, appointments, etc.