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Law of Attraction Trainings

Whether one takes ongoing group classes, workshops, individual sessions or retreats, TWC teaches the Law of Attraction as the root of all understandings.

We not only teach left brain processes of intention and visualization, but we teach the key, which is to clear away negative thoughts and emotions- this is done with the breath, some methods reaching very deep layers of stored negative energy. Our Law of Attraction trainings also teach students how to �come into alignment� by using energy methods of aligning one�s energy flow, so one naturally attracts and allows into their lives the results desired. It is important to also learn to the witness of the mind- so one can use their mind, instead of letting their mind use them.

The key is to clear away the negative emotions and thoughts, which can only be done using the effective methods of Breathwork, for instance- advanced Heartbreathing- TM. Forgiveness is powerful, as well.

You will love the system we provide for effectively channeling the Law of Attraction- for healing physically, emotionally, with relationships, finances, situations, etc. Try a class today!