The Wellness

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Our Directors/Trainers

Lyndy Stratbucker - author, therapist/trainer, director of TWC, bringing over 23 yrs of research, training and experience in wellness and holistic healing arts to share with you. She teaches the modalities she has found to be the most effective over these 23 yrs. Lyndy began her studies in traditional physics, but in her deep quest to understand how life works, she left that study and finished her first degree in studio art and filmmaking, then getting another degree in communications, emphasis in creative writing and video production. Her path led her to discover- quantum physics, metaphysics, yogic principles, conscious living- they are all the same thing and to discover various healing arts that changed her life. Due to brain injuries from an accident, Lyndy began to research various methods of healing, as she was not getting the results she wanted from modern medicine. She found a number of powerful indigenous systems of health and wellness to be profoundly effective, including certain breathwork, meditation, energy medicine, movement- taken from cultures such as East Indian, Native American, Far East, etc. Lyndy has earned many professional certifications in Mind/Body Medicine/therapies and has trained under top authorities in their field, such as, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa, Gary Kraftsow, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rae, Dr. Bernie Seigel, Sondra Ray, Louise Hay. TWC works with individuals/groups/businesses, as well as receiving referrals from various healthcare facilities and was opened in 1993.

Lyndy facilitates most of our sessions/trainings along with our professionally certified staff.

Irl Rickman - is professionally certified in Connected Wellness and Complete Yoga. He teaches and assists in some of our Complete Yoga classes, as well as coaching private Connected Wellness sessions. He has studied under various top trainers in the industry, such as, Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa, Gary Kraftsow, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rae, Sondra Ray. Irl started his path in Aikido and martial arts, with over 10 years research, study and experience in the wellness professions.

Kara Winters - is professionally certified in Connected Wellness and Complete Yoga, as well as Pilates and Massage Therapy. She teaches and assists in some of our Complete Yoga classes, teaches our Kids Yoga class, & teaches at the YMCA, with over 6 yrs study and experience.

Our various associate trainers - Renee Jeffus - Tantra/Connected Wellness- since 1993, Kari Skadberg- Chi Gong- since 1992, Cindy Carlstead - Tai Chi/ Kripalu/Complete Yoga- since 1998, as well as outside trainers from around the US and Europe

Together, they have a style that compliments, supports and inspires each other, as well as each of their clients. TWC provides a very supportive, caring and empowering environment.

For a description of our other certified trainers, please see: Free Newsletter.