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Personal Trainings

Science of Breath workshop- This 3 hr. training gives one a thorough experience of what can be accomplish with Conscious Living & empowered breathing techniques. Students will leave with a toolbox that gives them everything from pocket tools of breath and awareness to use throughout the day, when needed, to daily practice tools, as well as an experience of an advanced level of Heartbreathing, which, when used as directed, easily corrects any level of illness in body, mind, relationships with people or with money, etc., plus gives each student a profound experience of Divine Presence, which must be experienced to be explained fully! Try it- you'll absolutely love it! (This workshop provides the key to effective weight loss, as well! The Only Diet there Is.)

Individual Sessions in the Connected Wellness System - If a student wishes to go further and learn the advanced levels of breathwork, including simple-advanced Heartbreathing and all other modalities available at TWC- (See Our Modalities), recommended for those with acute issues or wanting deep realization, they may set up individual sessions with Lyndy. A free consultation is available to discuss this 'Connected Wellness' system, which includes mantra/sutra meditation, forgiveness work, body energywork, along with the breathwork and other energywork, even Feng Shui. Sessions are 2 hrs, 5-10 session minimum.

Hatha Yoga- the yoga of postures, breath and simple meditation. While many people take up hatha yoga for physical exercise, it’s essence is to use consciousness to open the heart. It provides strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally.

TWC teaches Complete Yoga- a wonderful interdisciplanary style of yoga, combining various styles of hatha yoga, the yoga of action- breath (pranayama) and postures (asana), such as Ashtanga yoga- Power yoga, Iyengar yoga- most common, Kripalu yoga- artistic flow, Viniyoga- therapeutic, Kundalini yoga- energy flow, Yin yoga- subtle body relaxation, as well as other aspects of yoga, such as Bhakti yoga- loving devotion, Jhana yoga- knowledge (Power of thought, Reflection Principle, etc.), Karma yoga- right action, more advanced methods of breathwork, simple meditation and energywork, Pilates, Chi Yoga and more! This allows each person to receive the full spectrum of yoga. For more details, prices/schedule- see Free Newsletter.

Traditional Mantra/Sutra Meditation personal training- 2 parts/2 hrs each, Learn a Bhakti yoga mantra (yoga of love and devotion) or individual mantra of choice and four powerful seed sutras. Student receives mantra in session one, practices at home, with sutras in session two. Traditional meditation is considered the deepest form of meditation. Training includes basic conscious living awareness, simple bodyenergy balancing, simple breathwork. For details and prices, see Free Newsletter.

For detailed listings of other available classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, private sessions- see FREE Newsletter! We have everything from a one time workshop or lecture, to weekly classes, seminars and individual sessions and retreats! You may like to explore one specific modality- such as hatha yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc., or goal in your life- such as healing physically, emotionally, in relationships, finances, etc., or explore a wide range of modalities and goals through Connected Wellness Levels I-IV. We even offer on-sight trainings. Yes, let's arrange a training in your location, city, state or country!