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Teacher Trainings

Pro-certification - Many doctors, psychologists, nurses, counselors and other healthcare professionals, as well as those wanting to begin a professional practice using a system that really heals and empowsers their clients, as well as, the professional her/himself, become professionally certified in Connected Wellness, the Meditation Teacher Training and/or the Complete Yoga Teacher Training. We do have a 14 day, once a year training for Connected Wellness Teacher Training and Meditation Teacher Training held together. We have many who take these trainings not specifically for pro-certification, but for their own personal healing and success. More details in our Free Newsletter!

Connected Wellness Teacher Training - Requires Levels I-IV- (approx. 80 hrs training, plus daily home study/practice), 8 min. private sessions, internship. (Includes professional certification in all aspects of Connected Wellness, including Connected Breathwork and Bodywork, w/Beginning Complete Yoga and Breath Meditation Teacher training included.) Trainings are held weekly, in weekend intensives or 14 day intensive. A deeply rewarding and financially prosperous lifestyle.

Meditation Teacher Training - Complete training in all three levels of our Mantra/Sutra meditation training/traditional meditation. Personal Training, which is definitely the most empowered or Online Meditation Teacher Training. Enjoy an enriched and rewarding lifestyle helping others create the lives they desire, while enjoying great financial prosperity! Personal instruction and use of mantra/sutras for 4 months minimum, 40 hrs. home study and 4 day intensive.

Complete Yoga Teacher Training - A 200 hr. minimum class time is required, with daily home practice/study and internship for a Level I teacher certification. Level II and III certifications available, as well.