The Wellness

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Your Desired Goals

(We find it most empowering to speak in terms of goals rather than problems. It gives less power to the problem.)

Healing of : stress, emotional pain, headache, athsma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, insomnia, other chronic disease, immune disorders, multiple sclerosis, physical pain, colds, allergies, PMS, inflexibility, poor communication, poor finances, over weight, poor fitness, lack of direction, difficulty in relationships, anger, low self worth, addictions, self sabotage, anxiety, worry, guilt, over-control, feeling like a victim, blame, grief/loss, etc.

And, creating: weight loss, personal empowerment, preventative/ curative medicine, inspiration, upliftedness, understanding, centeredness/groundedness, deep spiritual connection, flexibility /tone / strength of mental/physical, healthy pregancy/easy birth, personal growth/success, learning to naturally attract in and receive desired results- (the feminine direction of energy), respect, support, love, successful communication, playfulness, sense of humor, creativity, clarity, openness, healthy boundaries, full potential, creating space for goals to happen, career success, financial prosperity, syncronicity-being in the right place and time, listening, trust, team building, motivation, time management, expressing wisdom, intuition, youthing, planetary healing, creating ideal relationships at work, with friends, family, self, one's soulmate and God/Life.